Hök Capital is born

Corporate Finance and M&A boutique specialising in innovative and high-tech start-ups and companies.

With a top-notch team and extensive experience in the corporate finance sector, HöK offers corporate services for the design of inorganic growth strategies, offering synergies by acquiring companies or seeking collaboration with startups and relevant assets to foster the digitalisation and innovation of your business. Specialists in private equity fundraising, alternative financing and company restructuring services such as asset divestment, debt restructuring or the sale of the company.

HöK promises to become the perfect space for both companies and investors to grow their business and maximise the value generated for all stakeholders. HöK has offices in Spain, Mexico and Andorra and is committed to establishing a connection between LATAM and Europe through the creation of an extensive network of contacts.

In permanent search for excellence and continuous improvement, Jorge Tejero, Josep Navajo, Pablo Mancia and Simón Perez are at the forefront of this new firm, which aims to help startups, entrepreneurs and investors to meet and promote their businesses. We believe that this is the ideal time for HöK to enter into action with all the strength and experience of Delvy, a leading legal and financial firm in advising startups and M&A transactions in Spain.

Hök Capital Services

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If you would like to learn more about how we help startups and high-tech companies grow their business or need more information about our company, please use our contact form or contact Jorge Tejero, VP Fundraising at Hok Capital.

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